Bringing Magick Into Meditation

I don’t know many meditators who use occult techniques or philosophies to empower the practice of meditation and it’s a shame really. Many of the same principles that make for successful magical practices also make for successful meditations so I thought I would list a couple of ways that modern magick can help empower your meditation practice.

How To Bring Magick Into Meditation

  1.  Use a Deity – It used to be fairly common practice to focus on the image of a god or goddess during meditation. The concentration on the deity was said to allow the meditator to become transparent in the presence of the divine entity. So if you were focused on the god of compassion, you would become a transparent embodiment of that compassion. Now in the west we don’t have a pantheon of gods, but we are still subject to great entities. If you don’t want to use a god or goddess meditate on a great person and “try them on” during meditation. This practice can be a great way to give a meditation a focal point and encourage yourself to learn and grow from the wisdom of great people. That said, try not to idealize those great people, if you can remember that you are poured from the same consciousness.
  2. Use an artifact – Better yet use a whole bunch of them. Prayer beads, incense, robes, a special hat, and anything else that might aid your meditation is worth using. These days you don’t need the magic wand, a pen will do nicely (although I know some mystical practitioners who would hate to hear it). In short start including your favorite incense in your meditations, dedicate an article of clothing to the practice and see if it doesn’t deepen and refine your experience of inner spaciousness and awareness.
  3. Create your own language – this works for more than meditation. In fact the way we speak and our grasp of language tends to dictate what we can experience in our lives. It also dictates what we can see. Create a new word and congratulations, you also just created a new reality for yourself too. Now I know that I tend to feel a little silly making up my own language sometimes, I have to admit not every word sounds good or just rolls off the tongue, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work like a charm. As you discover new states of being in meditation give them names, or try creating a word which you use when you start a meditation and another unique word you use when you finish a meditation, you might be surprised how well this one works.

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